Sunday, June 4, 2017

Media Arts for Teachers

Media Arts Introduction and Classroom Integration

  Media Arts DocumentsLink to Google Docs


Link to Google Sites Media Arts Integration - Applications and Literacy


Media Arts Standards - Content Areas - Prezi


Media Art Content Areas:


Digital Photography

Photography for Kid Activities - LINK
Photography Lesson Ideas -  LINK
Digital Photo Editing - Basics

5 - Simple tips for taking photos for beginners 
5 - Basic Editing techniques
Common digital photo file types 

Editing Applications/Software:

Pixelmator – iOS - $4.99 – 20+ $2.49 Desktop Version $29.99 - Link to App Site

Online Photo Editing program - Photopea  - Link to Website
Instructions for Photopea - Link to Tutorials

Digital Audio - GarageBand with Apple products

Online Music GrageBand application - Looplabs

Open Source Audio Recording and Editing - Audacity
Royalty Free Music by Bensound

Online MP3 Cutter - Sound Track Creations
Typography - Video Overview
Typography Game Site

Digital image formats - Pixel - Vector  - Website

Animation Overview Video

Types of Animation

Stop Motion- Claymation - LINK

Video Production - Editing - LINK


Movie Editing -

iMovie on the iPad - LINK to YouTube video

Learning Film makingVocabulary by Making Films

Open Source Movie Editing- Open Shot

Adobe Spark for Education - Create high quality reports, research papers, posters, writing assignments, presentations and so much more.

Art inspired film and video lesson ideas

Visual Literacy - Visual Thinking Links


iPads in Education Resource list 

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Media Arts Links

Media Arts Websites:

Videos on the Media Arts
University of Huston -
A digital media presentation by DMAF (Digital Media Alliance Florida) to the FMPTA (Florida Motion Picture & Television Association) produced by Liquid Digital.

Digital literacy practices that are required to thrive in this digitally-focused era.
Media Arts overview resources -

Digital story telling site- complete resource list -

Learning Film making Vocabulary by Making Films 

University of Huston Education – Digital Story Telling
Course on foundations for media and digital design -

Art inspired film and video lesson ideas 
Media Education Lab -

Principles of composition in Digital Media Production

Photo – Raster/Bitmap – Formats -
An introduction to the scientific, artistic, and computing aspects of digital photograph - 
Vector – Formats -
Film -
Film Ed – San Francisco Film Society  -

IB teachers Film production site -

Short Films -
Motion Graphics -
Smithsonian American Art Museum Media Art Exhibition

Frame io video collaboration site-

Vector Drawing practice -